noun  |  kap·​lak  |  /’kɑːplɑːk/

An old maritime expression which refers to the portion of the freight that the captain receives in return for taking good care of the cargo.

What We Do

We are guided by the 'Kaplak' concept:
Just as the captain pays special attention to the cargo, we take care of the startups in our portfolio.

Decarbonizing and digitizing the global economy are the greatest opportunities of our time. Opportunities to design a more equitable future, raise the standard of living globally, and build the next generation of breakthrough businesses.

Our team have led some of the largest companies in the world, accelerating their transition to a digital, sustainable business era.

Now, we’re sharing our global network, expertise and proven leadership model with entrepreneurs working across five sectors: Energy, Health, Real Estate, Food and Transportation.


The journey with us starts in our accelerator program, where we introduce founders to our proven Dreams and Details leadership framework and a world-class mentor network.


When our founders graduate from the program, we connect them with our ‘Kaplaks’— global business leaders who offer:

  • Subject matter EXPERTISE
  • Leadership EXPERIENCE
  • CONNECTIVITY to their global networks

Our Team

Matthew Hooper

Managing Director

Peter Trolle Bonnesen

Director, Partners

Accelerator Partners

Hope Hopkins

Head of Accelerator Programs (US) at MassChallange

Ali Bajammal

Senior Manager, Custom Programs at MassChallenge

Program Operations

Lars Korby

Program Manager

Tjorven Ludes

Marketing Manager


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